tyler at a table with ukeleles

Dewdrop ukuleles are built in Baltimore, MD, in a small shop started by Tyler St. Clare and his father Gabe. The shop, named the Four Hour Day, opened in 2015 and functions as a community workspace, music school and intimate concert venue. The Dewdrop design was born as a result of years of experimentation, tinkering & interesting mistakes, and we're real proud of it.

Tyler is a former Peace Corps Volunteer who worked with sustainability and education in a small village in Nicaragua. He continues to work there through his nonprofit Tololamos, and his experience with the Nicaraguan timber industry informed his decision to avoid using tropical woods in his instruments. Dewdrops are offered in a variety of sustainably-harvested, native woods, with bridges and saddles that come from offcuts and reclaimed pieces.

We welcome visitors at our shop, whether for our events, to try an instrument, or just to say hello. We're located at 4305 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD - please call ahead to 443.604.7621 to make sure we're here.