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How we minimize our impact

Before I started building ukuleles, I studied antique wooden flute restoration, specializing in 19th century American flutes. A great number of those instruments were crafted from cocuswood - a gorgeous dark timber with red streaks that was amazingly dense and produced beautiful instruments. For a time it was the most highly sought-after wood for flutes, clarinets, furniture and more.

Unfortunately, overuse drove cocuswood to near-extinction, where it remains today. I wish I could say we've become better stewards of our forests since, but we haven't - the same thing is happening to woods including cocobolo, koa & mahogany.

I don't want to be a part of that problem, and so we make Dewdrop ukuleles from sustainably-harvested, domestic timbers such as cherry, walnut, spruce and maple. They sound delightful and look great. We also power our shop with 100% renewable energy, and use thoughtful techniques to minimize waste in the manufacturing process. That way you can feel good buying our instruments, and we can feel good making them.